Foreskin Restoration (Uncircumcision)

By Mark Waring

New Orleans: Privately printed, 1988

"Non-Surgical, Surgical, Before & After Photos, Illustrations, Letters From Restorees, Device Construction, Famous BUFF Method."

Availability uncertain. Originally available from Second Skin Books, 521 Rue St. Philip, New Orleans, LA 70116.


History of Foreskin Restoration
Anatomy of the Foreskin
The Mechanics of Foreskin Regrowth
Stage I -- Getting Started
Stage II -- Extension
The Advanced Silicone Technique
Stage III -- Finishing Touches
Surgical Foreskin Restoration
Grief, Depression, Resentment
Letters and Statements From Readers

64 pages. 18 references.

Figure 8-7. "This [photograph] is a close up lateral view of a surgically restored foreskin. The scrotal graft technique was used in this restoration. Note the extensive scarring and the growth of pubic hair. The scrotal skin is in its relaxed state. When contracted it looks like a prune. Its owner is a very dissatisfied and now wants to have it removed."

Figure 8-8. "Another view of the same surgical restoration. This restoree is now ashamed to show himself nude and will only use a stall when urinating in public rest rooms. One must see a surgically restored foreskin in person to fully realize how fake they look."

[Foreskin Quarterly Issue 8, page 7, contains 5x7 enlargements of these two photographs, along with a detailed letter from the restoree.]