In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child

Thank You, Howard Stern

Howard Stern is the first -- and still the only -- mega-celebrity to publicly and repeatedly take an appropriately outraged, uncompromising, zero-tolerance stand against the sexual mutilation of children and babies.

His statements below were transcribed from his radio show by Tony Shale.

Thank you, Howard Stern. Thank you.

July 27, 1998

Parents should not be allowed to make this decision. It should not be up to parental consent. If somebody wants to get a circumcision, let them do it when they're an adult. Seriously. It should be stopped, it should be against the law. Itís as barbaric as what goes on in Africa. There is no reason for circumcision, PERIOD!

And Iíll tell you what it is. Most men want their sons to look like themselves. So this keeps going. It keeps going on and on and on. It is so barbaric. And they are saying now people are starting to take a second look at this. And they say that they believe in the future it will be more common to see uncircumcised men in gym class because people are really starting to wake up to this. It is probably the biggest form of child abuse going on in this country right now.

I tell you, if I had a son, I would never allow him to be circumcised. Never! Never! NEVER ALLOW IT! NEVER!

And these Jews who are doing it are wrong, and the goyem [non-Jews] that are doing it are wrong. Everyoneís wrong.

It is wrong. Stop the practice NOW! IMMEDIATELY!

Class action suit against doctors. This is the only way youíll get them to stop ... no matter who gives consent. Parents have no right to say. PARENTS ARE OUT OF THEIR MINDS. They donít think things through. They all just go along.

[To a mohel about the Bible] Iím telling you, Sir, this is a BARBARIC process. And everyone has been so BRAINWASHED. I donít think a book is bad if it tells you not to kill someone. But a book is bad if itís telling you to mutilate young boys and to cut off their penises ... Thatís bad. Youíre in the business of mutilating young boys, Sir. And I think you should be arrested!

September 14, 1998

Every thirty seconds in this country a baby is circumcised. It is absolutely retarded to mutilate. Itís retarded to mutilate young boys. If suddenly there was a law in this country passed, or some sort of ritual that everyone started doing about cutting womenís clitorises off -- itís being done in Africa -- I mean could you imagine the absurdity? Somehow people bought into this.

I know my penis was mutilated. They hold you down and without any anesthesia whatsoever, they cut it off. And they say the kids go into shock.

Itís really the biggest crime being committed by parents against their children. And I know if I had a son, I would not even stop to think about it.

Thereís nothing natural about it. You know, I had this revelation. I was standing there. I was reading stuff off the Internet. I said, "Oh, my God! Iíve been mutilated!"

We are used to seeing [circumcised penises]. But do you know that most of the world is uncircumcised? Itís just in this country, thereís some sort of weird hang-up about the look of it or something. But itís totally natural to look that way. You know what I did this weekend? I watched porno with uncircumcised guys. They donít look that weird. It was straight porno ... I was just sitting there watching, and the guy was uncircumcised.

What Iím saying is -- and Iím saying to all people out there -- we have to stop the butchering of our boys.

I donít care what anyone says. Iím going to continue to speak out on this. I am completely pissed off that Iím circumcised. And they say that the penis is LONGER or at least gives the appearance of being longer, if youíre uncircumcised.

It is MUTILATION. There is no benefit whatsoever. I swear to you, it is wrong. Think about it. Really sit down and contemplate what I am saying. It is so wrong. There is a REASON for that foreskin being there.

October 21, 1998

Why do people circumcise their sons in this country? I have no clue. I am circumcised and I tell you something, I despise it. I despise it. I despise it.

I didnít even become aware that I was hostile to the fact that my parents circumcised me until recently. I thought about it and I said, my God, theyíre talking about all that skin tissue removed. It is all nerves, it all adds to your sexual pleasure, this is the way you are born for a reason. It cuts down on, not only sexually transmitted diseases, but other kinds of diseases. And its perfectly clean. Weíve been conditioned to think that men arenít clean who are uncircumcised, and itís wrong. And itís wrong to put kids through this kind of pain. Thereís no reason for it.

And then there are some Jews who say it is a covenant with God. Well you know what? Forget about it! What covenant with God?

It's absurd. The whole thing's absurd. It's disgusting. It's about time it stopped. It should be against the law. The same way you couldn't go cut off a boy's whole penis and decide to make him a girl. It's the same exact thing. Let me decide as an adult. If I want a circumcision, I'll go get one. It's barbaric. And they don't even give these kids any kind of anesthesia ... Some of them lock up and go into seizure ... and now this kid [Dustin Evans] is dead. The parents are completely devastated. For what? It was a healthy baby. Itís out of control.

December 4, 1998

A lot of women in Africa -- and I've been screaming about this -- are circumcised by their fathers because they don't want them to have sexuality ... I hate that men are circumcised in this country. I'm against that as well ... I'm against male or female circumcision. It's my issue.

January 8, 1999

Well this woman has no clitoris, everybody, because of the backward ways of Africa. And let me tell you something: this country is no better. They circumcise men all the time here and itís wrong. It's f---ing wrong! When people hear that women have their clitorises cut off in Africa, they go, "Oh, how horrible." Meanwhile why are men mutilated here every day?

February 4, 1999

I am telling you -- America, pay attention to me -- stop these circumcisions. It is mutilation of boys. It is no different than what they do in Africa to women with these clitoridectomies. We are butchering our young.

The body is built a certain way to function. This idea that man created, circumcision, you KNOW is wrong! You KNOW it's wrong! What do you think? God -- Oh! -- If there was a God -- assume we're going to try to improve -- in other words he wants you -- he's sending us to doctors to -- Oh! -- Circumcision came about because men are so sexually active that somewhere along the line they tried to tame men's libido. That's how it got started. Well guess what. It doesn't stop. All it does is mutilate.

March 2, 1999

This is the mutilation of babies. And let me tell you something ... it should be against the law.



And when I meet these Jews who tell me it's a covenant with God I want to take them and throw them out the window. Where's God and where's the covenant?

Of course, it's mutilation. That's like saying, "You know what? If you cut off your arm you'll never get an ingrown nail on your hand!" That's a great benefit!

It should be against the law. I'm telling you right now, if I was Governor Jesse Ventura or Governor Putaki or President Clinton I would put into a bill that it is against the law to mutilate children. They're all worried about protecting friggin' children except during this, because everyone is a big pussy.

Hey, let me ask you something. If I took your son, all right? I strap him to a table when he's first born. I mutilate him, I do experiments on him, mutilate him in some way. Now he is not going to remember this mutilation. You have no way of gauging their pain. But if you don't think that's a trauma to the nervous system and to the entire being ... You don't think that shapes your feelings toward people? To have that happen the first thing you come into this world ... that it's not trusting? Absolutely!

March 16, 1999

We have all been mutilated. Our penises have been mutilated at birth. They say that the uncircumcised penis, I mean thereís thousands of nerve endings that are cut off. You are literally, itís like in Africa they mutilate women and we think thatís barbaric, but weíre doing the same thing to men!

March 26, 1999

Itís a barbaric practice and it should be stopped in this country and should be outlawed ... to me itís a more serious crime that whatís going on in Kosovo or wherever the hell that is. We should be involved in the mutilation of young boys? I mean what kind of country are we? What kind of country is this? Itís backward. Itís barbaric.

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