Current Issues in Circumcision (Santa Fe Conference) Video

Santa Fe, New Mexico, May 8, 1993

Tape 1:
     The History of Circumcision -- Jim Bigelow, PhD. 43 minutes.
     Points of View: The Medical Issues -- Thomas Wiswell, MD. 51 minutes. (80 seconds near beginning accidently recorded over.)

Tape 2:
Points of View
     The Medical Issues -- Martin Altschul, MD. 62 minutes.
     Thomas J. Ritter, MD. 54 minutes.

Tape 3:
     Panel Discussion -- Wiswell, Altschul, Ritter. Includes many comments and questions from Jim Bigelow, Hanny Lightfoot-Klein, Steve Scott, Jody McLaughlin and others directed to Wiswell, and his responses. 55 minutes.
     Defining Informed Consent -- Marilyn F. Milos, RN. 26 minutes.
     Legal Views of Informed Consent -- Richard C. Civerolo, attorney and counselor at law. 38 minutes.

NTSC (American) format only.
Original recording/editing equipment: unknown.
Video quality: "Poor plus" to "Fair minus." Clear enough to see and hear, however.

$30 per tape postpaid to U.S. address.
Any two of the tapes above: $50 to U.S. address (specify which two).
All three of the tapes above: $60 to U.S. address.
Write or email for shipping charges on orders shipped outside U.S.

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