Circumcision: The Rest of the Story

A Selection of Articles, Letters, and Resources, 1979-1993. Edited by Peggy O'Mara. Updated, expanded edition of Circumcision: Special Mothering Edition, 1988. 111 pages. ISBN 0-914257-11-0.

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Intact Is In, by Peggy O'Mara ("Within the next decade, intact boys will be in the majority.")

Jesse's Circumcision, by M. Pickard-Ginsberg ("I felt we had violated a blessed new soul.")

Circumcision Revisited, by John McMahon ("My foreskin is my friend.")

Why Not to Circumcise Your Baby Boy, by Sylvia Topp ("[T]he onus is on those who believe in circumcision to prove their case to you. Otherwise, your child should be left with his foreskin intact as God or nature made him.")

Circumcision, by Rosemary Romberg ("The trauma and torture that were inflicted on this tiny, helpless little being were to come back and haunt me again and again.")

Caring for the Intact Penis, by Julia Attwood ("The foreskin ... needs no special attention at all.")

A Nontraditional "Circumcision" Ceremony, by Paula Hills ("In spite of Gabriel's Jewish roots ... we would allow the choice to be his.")

An End to Routine Circumcision? ("It is a $200 million dollar-a-year business.")

"The Circumcision Fad is Over" ("As parents get the facts ... they opt to leave the baby in his natural intact state.")

To Circ or Not to Circ (" What can I tell my son who asks why we let someone cut off part of his body when his friends are whole? ")

Informed Consent for Circumcision? ("Physicians are being sued.")

Nurses Opposed to Circumcision ("[N]eonatal circumcision is a violation of a newborn male's right to a whole (intact) body ... the infant is unable to state his own wishes or protect himself from harm.")

Who Wrote My Baby's Story? ("The mohel cut off the very end of Jesse's penis!")

Zachary's Circumcision ("I have never heard such screams.")

A Nurse's View on Circumcision ("It's pure and simple torture.")

Jared's Ordeal ("I was beyond myself, seeing and hearing my son scream for his life.")

Alternative Bris ("[T]ry cutting a carrot!")

More On Circumcision ("The warmth and spiritual high of the occasion is hard to describe to those who have never attended a real traditional bris.")

Circumcision and Newborn Pain ("Let us not anesthetize ourselves about what we are doing to our infants!")