The Joy of Being a Boy

By Elizabeth Noble with Leo Sorger, MD

Harwich, Massachusetts: New Life Images, 1994
ISBN 0-9641183-0-0

$8 postpaid. New Life Images, 448 Pleasant Lake Ave., Harwich, MA 02645.

"A book to reassure the young boy and his family that for his penis to remain intact as nature intended is the best way. The incidence of circumcision in the United States decreased from 85% in 1980 to 58% in 1990, but has since increased to 61%. Female circumcision, as commonly done in Africa and parts of the Middle East, invariably arouses horror and revulsion among Americans, but most American boys, unlike their counterparts in Europe and Scandinavia, also suffer genital mutilation without their consent.

"This 16-page book of photographs has simple text intended primarily for the 3 to 6 year-old boy. The important function of the foreskin and the gradual process of natural retraction is shown. He will be happy to learn that his body is normal and that he has retained what so many of his friends have lost. In the adult, this is an average of 12 square inches of erogenous tissue!

"Please help to educate expectant parents who are considering their son's sexual amputation with little knowledge about the structure and function of the normal penis."