Circumcision: An American Custom

By Mary Milvitch

June 1995. 48 pages.

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"I am a 40 year old mother of five who is finally getting a college education at the Colorado Rocky Mountain College. As a requirement for an English class, I chose to research the subject of circumcision with the intent of showing that, while I wasn't against circumcision, anesthesia should be routinely used. My teacher told us that, in the course of our research, we might find that we needed to change our thesis statement. Did I ever! The information I uncovered was too late for those I love. I am determined that, due to my efforts, the information I uncovered will make a difference in someone else's life. I wish someone had informed me."

The Foreskin
The Circumcision Operation
Complications of Circumcision Surgery
Effect of Circumcision on Glans Penis
Effect of Circumcision on the Psyche
Justification for Circumcision
Justification for Circumcision in the U.S.
Circumcision is Painful
Circumcision is Unlikely to be Needed Later
The Circumcised Penis is Not Cleaner
A Foreskin does not Cause STD
A Foreskin does not Cause Cancer
A Foreskin does not Cause UTI
A U.S. Circumcision is not the type God asked of the Jews
Custom of Circumcision in the U.S. vs. Great Britain
Power of the Physician
Power of the Press
Baby's Civil Rights

1. Operation
2. Complications
3. Violence
5. Suicide, Brain Damage, Sadism
6. Circumcision Trauma
7. Impotency
8. Long-Term Harm
9. Foreskin Restoration
10. Circumcision Withdrawal
11. Roaring Fork Valley Circumcision Status