Deeper Into Circumcision: An Invitation to Awareness

Messages on the Internet

The following excerpts are taken from messages about the foreskin, circumcision, circumcisers, and foreskin restoration posted during 1995, 1996, and 1997 in the various newsgroups listed earlier in this section and in America Online's discussion group "Religion / Judaism."

...Cutting a baby is OK, but the real thrill is doing it for an adolescent, and because there are fewer babies done, it means there are more teenagers around to play with ... since I left the Army, I have had the privilege and pleasure of taking my scalpel to some 25 or 30 healthy teenagers' foreskins.

...Always my fetish, to bind a guy down and circumcise him. Like to have guys watch as I trim a hood back to the balls. The foreskin my trophy for my collection. Any uncuts ready to become cut? I want to circumcise your foreskins using my Tara Klamps.

...I got circumcised when I was 19 years old, and I've regretted it ever since! ... I felt like someone had poured gasoline on my dick and set it on fire ... I lost the glorious sensitivity my glans used to have ... my beautiful, long, flexible, fun foreskin is gone forever.

...Nothing will bring back those nerves.

...I now have to masturbate using a catcher's mitt and 00-grade steel wool.

...I have been penetrated a few times by people who are not whole and each time I feel the uncomfortable feeling of too much friction, it does not happen with a man that has an intact penis, as a result I will not let anyone who is circumcised screw me.

...The foreskin is a wonderful toy that I only get to play with by proxy now.

...I always wondered why women seemed so much more naturally sensitive until it finally dawned on me that I was born equally sensitive, but they cut it off.

...The woman I was most in love with had a thing for uncut ...

...Some guys have a foreskin. I just got the shaft.

...I wish I had my phimosis back.

...I found circumcision MUCH worse than merely being gang raped as a 6 year old.

...I never realized so much was involved with circumcision. Honestly, to this day, I don't even know if I was circumcised, and I am an old man. I'm afraid to find out! Perhaps it's better not to know that one has missed a lifetime of sexual pleasure!

...I share in the outrage of those comments listed in this message. What can we do to regain that which is not possible to regain? How can we undo that which is undoable? I feel like my life is over, I feel incomplete and betrayed by this society that has done this to me and so many others. We have been deprived of our potential, made less than we could have been. How much more cruel is this than being put to death? I think death is a better sentence.

...As a young child I recall being morbidly horrified by seeing an adult with an amputated lower arm. I have always had the same feelings whenever seeing a mutilated person including discovering that other children had a lumpy scar where I had normal skin.

...The foreskin is nature at its best.

...I would get into a serious depression if I ever lost it.

...I have been cut my entire life. Sex has been great for me. You don't have to keep retracting your foreskin when you put on a condom.

...It is very interesting and amusing to read the strange ideas that circumcised men have about normal human anatomy.

...I don't see why Jewish boys [like me] should be less protected against genital mutilation because of their religion or that of their parents. To me that is Anti-semitic.

...I am an observant Jew, born of two Jewish parents, and I am not circumcised ... [My mother] said she did not survive such horrors [the Holocaust] only to believe that knives, blood and unnecessary pain should be visited upon her children ... why should she listen to a man (Abraham) who was willing to kill his child ... My sons, who are also observant Jews, are not circumcised and they do not plan to circumcise their sons. Are there any other uncircumcised Jewish men who are willing to come out on line?

...I think that parents who subject their sons to the consequences of not circumcising should be shot.

..."We do it because we do, and that's sufficient"??? ... Adolph Hitler could have said the same thing about his treatment of the Jews.

...I am another Jew who finds circumcision abhorrent and I am so glad to find ... that I am not the only one ... I am a good mother ... I could find no support in the Jewish community ... I was treated abominably ... I brissed my boy and it was the worst day of our lives because of the incredible conflict I feel ... I find your lack of sensitivity appalling, all of you. The issue of consent is valid.

...I am saddened and disgusted with the very vocal closed-minds who have taken over this discussion. Ritual circumcision has no medical reasons and is communal ritualized incest and sexual abuse of an innocent baby. Anyone who cannot see that clear and simple fact has a mind that, if they had been born into another religion by accident of birth, would feel comfortable in the fundamentalist Christian right or as an Islamic fundamentalist (who believes bombing the infidel is the will of Allah) or (yes, I will say it!) Nazi Party. I am glad you guys represent only a small segment of Judaism--the segment that doggedly refuses to think! Goodbye and I hope you end up sharing a cell with Islamic fundamentalists who are as filled with hate and intolerance as you guys are!!!

...Most, or all, circumcision done in the world today is done by Americans ... Jewish people ... natives in the deep jungle ... and other middle-Eastern people ... Strange bedfellows ...

...Saying "uncircumcised" is like saying "unamputated" or "unmutilated" or maybe "unstabbed-through-the-heart-and-gored-to- death."

...There are Meissner nerves in the foreskin.

...More foreskins, please.

...Nothing has to be traumatic at all for a newborn. Nothing should be allowed to be traumatic to a newborn.

...Having just finished a Ph.D. dissertation on Somali women's reactions to their having been circumcised, I must disagree with Ari, who said that the women come to be satisfied with their condition ... Many of the women had initially wanted to be circumcised so they could be like their peers, but they soon wished otherwise.

...I am against male and female circumcisions, because both customs are violating the physical integrity of a healthy, non-consenting child. Therefore, both are crimes.

...There should be a law making circumcision compulsory at childbirth.

...If you want to see a real holocaust, just try making circumcision compulsory by law.

...Circumcision will not be "over" until its last victim dies.

...Anyone interested in

...Where is the guy who started this folder???

[Here I am.]