"I'm going to cut your foreskin off, little boy"

I was walking in [a city in the U.S.] one evening several years ago and went into a hotel to use the men's room. A man came in, stood at the next urinal and said, "Ever think about getting circumcised?" He was playing with his penis. It was circumcised and erect.

I said no, slipped my penis back in my pants and started to leave.

He asked me if I'd like to come to his room. I said no thanks. He said he'd give me fifty dollars. I asked him what I'd have to do. He said, "Let me play with your foreskin." I told him I didn't want to be hurt. He said he just wanted to play with my foreskin. I said OK and followed him to his room.

He put a $50 bill on the dresser and said he'd like me to pretend I was a little boy strapped down on an operating table and he was a doctor circumcising me while I struggled and cried and begged him not to do it.

I lay back on the bed, took out my penis, and put my hands at my sides. As he talked, I said things like "No. Please don't circumcise me. I don't want to be circumcised. Please don't cut my foreskin off."

The only part of me he touched was my foreskin, which he fondled while he sniffed poppers [a recreational drug used to intensify the sexual experience], masturbated, and said things like "I'm going to cut your foreskin off, little boy. I'm going to circumcise you. This should have been done long ago. Your foreskin's much too long. This'll teach you not to play with yourself. It's for your own good. Now you'll be circumcised like all the other little boys. It's all coming off whether you like it or not. I'm clipping it nice and tight. No more skin to play with. I'm cutting it all off." Then he started repeating "I'm cutting it all off, I'm cutting it all off, I'm cutting it all off" over and over while he held my foreskin tight in his fist and masturbated himself to ejaculation.

I put my penis back in my pants and got up. I asked him if he found many other guys to do that with. He said no. He wouldn't look at me. I picked up the $50 and left. I had been in his room less than ten minutes.

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