"When I realized that Judaism
cut me off from part of myself,
I cut myself off from Judaism"

"Realizing what circumcision took away from me has been by far the most traumatic experience of my life. My worst thoughts and fears were confirmed while I was reading The Joy of Uncircumcising!, by Jim Bigelow, in a bookstore. I realized I would never be able to experience the full range of pleasure possible only with a whole normal penis with all its nerve endings and moving parts. I began to sob. I bought the book, raced home and read it from cover to cover, then curled up in the fetal position and cried and grieved for three days. If my parents felt they had to MARK MY BODY in the name of Judaism, I would rather have been BRANDED ON MY BUTTOCKS WITH THE STAR OF DAVID or HAD A FINGER CUT OFF than to have had my penis butchered. Bris milah is a tradition that violates the most basic of all human rights, the right of every human being to his or her own intact body. When I realized that Judaism cut me off from part of myself, I cut myself off from Judaism. I reject and denounce Judaism -- and any other religion that mandates infant circumcision -- as sick, perverted and immoral. I would find it difficult to forgive anyone who had any role in permitting or carrying out my circumcision. Anyone who continues to circumcise babies today should be tried and imprisoned. No one -- no one -- should be allowed to get away with this. CUT A BOY, GO TO JAIL. PERIOD! I fantasize about revenge on the mohel who circumcised me and take comfort in knowing he has probably died of old age. One of the main reasons I'm active in the intact baby movement is to vent my rage in a positive way and not end up in prison. I've put a MOHEL=MENGELE sign across the back of my car, along with the six anti-circumcision bumper stickers there already. I make no apologies for what I've said. I'm not anti-Jewish. I'm anti-circumcision. Anyone who can't see that bris milah is wrong is blinded by history, tradition, and religious dogma."

Brian Levitt, San Francisco

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