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Detailed information about many of the items below can be found under "Books, Photographs and Videos by John A. Erickson" and "Deeper Into Circumcision: An Invitation to Awareness," on the opening page of this site.


Circumcision: What Your Baby Can't Tell You. Compiled and edited by John A. Erickson. More than 150 statements, excerpts and quotes, most from authoritative sources. Unbound 24-page 8½x11" laser printout from the current edition of Deeper Into Circumcision: $5.

The Circumcision Instinct, by Kenneth Hopkins, co-founder (with Carol Babyak) of CARV (Citizins Against Ritual Violence) and PACT (People Against Circumcision Trauma). Unpublished manuscript. Copyright 1980. Ten untitled chapters. 148 pages plus 13 pages listing 237 references. $20.

Deeper Into Circumcision: An Invitation to Awareness and Guide to Resources for Parents, Researchers, Restorers, Activists and the Merely Curious. 2000 edition. Compiled and edited by John A. Erickson. More than 500 sources of information about the male foreskin, foreskin amputation, foreskin restoration, intact foreskin rights advocacy, and more -- plus more than 100 sources of information about female genital mutilation. Updated continually. 8½x11". Spiral bound. 200+ pages cover to cover. $40.

Making America Safe for Foreskins and "Elvis Presley's Foreskin" and Other Letters, by John A. Erickson, in one volume. Letters (many grouped by theme), published and unpublished, and other writing written from 1981 to 1992. 5½x8½" booklet. 40+ pages. $5.


One Baby's Experience. 12 4x6" color photographs from The Saturday Evening Post. Photo quality: Good to very good. $12.

33 Photographs of the Intact Adult Male Foreskin, by John A. Erickson. Exhibited at the Third International Symposium on Circumcision, University of Maryland, 1994. Includes The Three Zones of Penile Skin, five photographs showing the adult male foreskin at various stages of retraction, with green and blue lines drawn where the foreskin begins on the shaft and at the mucocutaneous junction to show the amount of total penile skin -- more than half -- that is foreskin. Photo quality: Excellent. 33 4x6" color close-ups. $35. 5x7": $75. Original 8x12" exhibition size: $120.

The Three Zones of Penile Skin. The five photographs described above. 4x6": $10. 5x7": $20. Original 8x12" exhibit size: $30.


The Three Zones of Penile Skin. Five color slides made from the photographs described above. $10.


Three Foreskin Videos by John A. Erickson

Video quality: Excellent.
Any two of the three videos above on the same tape (Specify which two): $50.
All three of the videos above on the same tape: $60.

Adult Circumcision Video
Four complete adult male circumcisions on one tape. From Europe. All circumcisions shown in motion. Informal operating conditions suggest setting other than hospital or clinic.

About 2 hours. Color. Video only; no sound. Picture quality: Poor-plus to Fair-minus. (Clear enough to see and watch, however.) Copied at Standard Play (SP) on premium grade VHS tape. NTSC (American) format only.

Current Issues in Circumcision (Santa Fe Conference)

Video quality: "Poor plus" - "Fair minus." Clear enough to see and hear, however.
All three tapes ordered at the same time and shipped to the same address: $75.

Strategies for Intactivists Conference, Evanston, Illinois, April 12-14, 1996

Video quality: Excellent.
Both of the tapes above: $50.

Third International Symposium on Circumcision (About 10 tapes) [In progress. Send SASE or email me for more information.]


Foreskin ( Photographs only.

In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child (
400+ pages, printed on one side only, in sturdy 3-ring binder. $120 postpaid to U.S. address. Outside U.S. write or email for shipping charges.


Adam London Circumcision Lawsuit. Appellant's Opening Brief; Respondents' Brief; Appellant's Reply Brief. Clear half-size photocopy of the original 90 pages. $15.

Female Genital Mutilation Section of Deeper Into Circumcision: An Invitation to Awareness. More than 150 sources of information. Obstetrical/gynecological mutilation, organizations, books, articles, films/videos, transcripts, statements. Includes "My Own Nightmare and Fight for Justice," by Carla Miller (Patients in ARMS), and "A Deathblow to Denial" (letter to Carla Miller from Eileen Marie Wayne, MD). 16 pages. $5.

Index to FQ (Foreskin Quarterly) (Issues 1-34). 10 pages. $3.

Index to Uncut Magazine (All 38 bimonthly issues, April 1986 - July 1993, and the one annual). 8 pages. $3.

Patents for circumcision instruments granted by the U.S. Patent Office from 1928 to 1974. 19 patents, all with drawings (most full-page). Includes "Apparatus for electrosurgical circumcision" [shown on inside back cover of Deeper Into Circumcision]. 45 pages. $12.

Treatise on the Diseases Produced by Onanism, Masturbation, Self-Pollution and other Excesses, by L. Deslandes, MD. Translated into English. 2nd Edition. Boston: Otis, Broaders, and Company, 1839. 258 3x4" pages photocopied on 65 8½x 11" pages. $15.

The Unkindest Cut of All, by John M. Foley, MD, Fact Magazine, July-August 1966. The classic landmark document in its entirety. $2.


Prices include shipping to U.S. address. Outside U.S. add 20% or amount on flyer, whichever is less. Prepaid check or money order drawn on U.S. bank payable in U.S. dollars only. Please include signed "I am over 21 years of age" statement.

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Please note:
I have no photographs or videos of children or for children and don't know or want to know anyone who does. If you are looking for photographs or videos showing the genitals of children, try Sing Sing or San Quentin.

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