Making America Safe for Foreskins

Selected Letters Published and Unpublished


"Elvis Presley's Foreskin"

and Other Letters

by John A. Erickson

"I waited for years for someone to say what I thought
should be said. But no one did. So I started saying it myself."

Making America Safe for Foreskins. Letters (many grouped thematically) and other writing written from 1981 to 1992. Includes letter published in the April 1983 issue of Playboy that started a debate in the "Playboy Forum" that lasted more than a year. ("It's not circumcision that needs to be studied. It's circumcisers.")


Two Mindsets
A Suggestion for Settling the Infant Circumcision Dispute Once and for All
Is Infant Circumcision a Moral/Ethical Issue?
Foreskin Deprivation Anxiety: The Secret Torment
Circumciser, Heal Thyself
What "Emotional Harm Affecting a Child Throughout His Life?"
Is There Life After Birth?
The Human Foreskin, Infant Circumcision, and Common Sense: An Open Letter to the American Medical Association
Does Male Circumcision Victimize Women?
Excerpts From Miscellaneous Letters
"The Best Reason to Leave a Baby's Foreskin Intact" and Other Letters
"Feelings Too Violent to Describe"
No Foreskin
To Persons of Good Will Who Circumcise Babies
Infant Circumcision: Crime Against Humanity

"Elvis Presley's Foreskin" and Other Letters. 58 letters, 25 excerpts, and three one-page essays. Includes letter to Albert Goldman, author of Elvis, in response to his reference to Elvis Presley's intact penis an "ugly hillbilly pecker." Also includes:
Infant Circumcision: Foreskin Amputation by Force
Does Male Circumcision Help Spread AIDS?
Let's Let Everyone Keep Their Genitals Intact for a Happier World.

Making America Safe for Foreskins and "Elvis Presley's Foreskin" and Other Letters in one volume. 5½ x 8½" booklet. 40+ pages.
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