Deeper Into Circumcision:

An Invitation to Awareness

And Guide to Resources
For Researchers, Parents, Restorers,
Activists and the Merely Curious

More than 500 sources of information about the male foreskin, foreskin amputation, foreskin restoration, intact foreskin rights advocacy, and more plus more than 100 sources of information about female genital mutilation

Compiled and edited by John A. Erickson

Adult Circumcision Before/After Comparisons
Advocacy / Activism
Alternative Bris
Art, Literature, Pop Culture
Circumcision Instruments / Technique
Deaths / Disasters
449 Famous Males With Foreskins
First Person Accounts
For Intact Boys
The Foreskin
Foreskin Restoration
Foreskins for Sale
In Progress / Forthcoming
The Internet
Legal Information
Quotes / Excerpts
Reading Material
Recreational/Erotic/Fetish Circumcision
Religious Circumcision
Sexually Explicit Adult Resources
Slides / Photographs
Female Genital Mutilation
Have a story to tell?
Much more

"The ultimate resource. Should be
in every library in the United States."
Marilyn F. Milos, RN, Founder/Director, NOCIRC

"Pandora's box has been opened ... a fascinating read ...
I couldn't put Deeper Into Circumcision down, and I highly
recommend it to anyone interested in foreskin, the intact male,
the process of restoration or the right to govern one's body."
Scott A. McGillivray, Editor, Foreskin Quarterly #23 (Winter 1996)

"The bible of sexual mutilation.
Everyone should have this information.
Should be on every doctor's desk."
Carla Miller, Founder, Patients in ARMS

Continually updated. 8½ x 11". Spiral-bound. About 250 pages cover to cover.

$40 postpaid. Outside U.S. add $4.
Check or money order drawn on U.S. bank in U.S. dollars only.

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John A. Erickson
1664 Beach Blvd. #216
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