33 Photographs of the Intact Adult Male Foreskin

by John A. Erickson

Exhibited at

The Third International Symposium on Circumcision

University of Maryland
May 22-25, 1994

"Photographs that show exactly what we are trying to protect."
Marilyn F. Milos, RN, Founder/Director, NOCIRC

Includes The Three Zones of Penile Skin, five photographs showing the foreskin at various stages of retraction with lines drawn where the foreskin begins on the shaft and at the mucocutaneous junction to show the amount of total penile skin -- more than half -- that is foreskin. Brief text.
Unsolicited comments:

"What an amazing collection of images!"

"Today I received your wonderful photos and, indeed, they are incredible."


Super fabulous!"

"Thank you for the photographs. I have looked through them and studied them several times -- with great fascination! I feel as though I am being introduced to a whole different world of male anatomy, and I now realize how much of it I really have not understood. An uncircumcised penis is so much more than just 'a little extra skin' -- it is a different landscape of folds of skin, texture, moisture and sensitivity."

"I am enthralled by your beautiful images of what can never be brought back to life for me."

"Your photographs are a beautiful and refreshing reminder of the glories that await Americans if only they would wake up."

"Unique. Even as an uncircumcised male I learned something from them. Until I saw your photos of the marked foreskin [The Three Zones of Penile Skin], I never realized that the foreskin, when fully retracted, actually extends into the pubic hair and almost to the base of the penis. Nor did I appreciate that the tip of the foreskin, when retracted fully, actually extends almost to the middle of the length of the erect penis."

"I was expecting to see a piece of post-operative, unattached foreskin." [After receiving this letter, I added the word "Intact" to the name of the exhibit and photo set.]

"Can be very effective in educating circumcised men about the structure of the foreskin (a marvel of design) and frenulum and the complex but extremely effective manner in which it stimulates the glans, and in turn receives stimulation, as well as provides a sleeve for effective intromission in intercourse."

"Your photos should help me in instructing my son in his responsibilities in the care of himself as he grows older."

"Very clear ... high quality definition ... an invaluable visual aid in seminars."

"Thank you for making available your informative set of photographs exhibited at the Third International Symposium on Circumcision. As a pediatrician who is trying to dissuade as many prospective parents as possible from circumcising their yet unborn sons, I have difficulty getting across the message about how much skin is lost and about the elasticity of the foreskin. Virtually every father who needs to be convinced that routine infant circumcision is unnecessary was himself circumcised as an infant and cannot relate to the functions of a foreskin. Most mothers are just as uninformed. Trying to get the message across from line drawings has been difficult. Your excellent photographs will help." (MD)

"I can sure use your photographs!" (MD)

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Some of these photographs have been printed in black-and-white in Sexual Mutilations: A Human Tragedy (Procedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Circumcision, Lausanne, Switzerland, August 9-11, 1996), edited by George C. Denniston, MD, and Marilyn Fayre Milos, RN (Plenum, 1997).

The five photographs that comprise the subset, The Three Zones of Penile Skin, have been reproduced in Awakenings: A Preliminary Poll of Circumcised Men (Revealing the Long-Term Harm of Healing the Wounds of Infant Circumcision) (NOHARMM, 1994) and the November 1995 issue of the Montreal newspaper, Le Presse.

Attorney David Llewellyn (Atlanta Circumcision Information Center) told me that these five photographs helped the jury arrive at their verdict in the successful wrongful circumcision lawsuit in Birmingham, Alabama, 1995, in which he was attorney for the plaintiff.

Please note:
I have no photographs of children or for children and don't know or want to know anyone who does. If you are looking for photographs showing the genitals of children, try Sing Sing or San Quentin.