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July 30, 1999

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Topical Lidocaine-Prilocaine Vs Lidocaine for Neonatal Circumcision, Pages 775-779
A Model for Teaching Newborn Circumcision, Pages 783-784
Obstetrics and Gynecology Vol 93, No 5, Part 1 May 1999

Dear Obstetric & Gynecologic Circumcisers:

Focus on Erogenous Foreskin Rather Than Lucrative Surgery
It is no surprise that you, as surgeons, are interested in circumcision surgery. It is surprising that you, as human beings, are not interested in the gliding, lubricating, and erogenous sexual benefits of the foreskin. Dr. John Taylor beautifully describes the anatomy and sex nerves of the foreskin in the February 1996 British Journal of Urology.

Gynecologists Doing Male Sex Surgery?
The male penis is outside your area of competence, gynecology. You fail to teach your residents the sexual benefits of the foreskin, the human right of the patient and his partner to learn about and enjoy the erogenous pleasure of his complete penis, the ethics of unnecessary surgery on non-consenting patients, and the dysparunia caused by the circumcised ramrod compared to the natural, frictionless, well-lubricated, highly erogenous intact penis.

Penis: Like a Pacifier in a Latex Finger?
The pacifier-in-a-latex-finger surgical model denigrates the human foreskin. The foreskin is more like a double-everting gliding sleeve on a fallopiscope, gliding between the vagina and the glans during intercourse. Most important, the double-everting foreskin is richly endowed with highly erogenous sex nerves. Propagating circumcision to four gynecology residents at a time using a pacifier-in-a-latex-finger model is the assembly line production of serial circumcisers for assembly line circumcisions.

Circumcision as a Cause of Dysparunia
The role of the circumcised penis in causing dysparunia in your female patients is a more appropriate subject for the gynecologist. Please refer to the Jan. 1999 Supplement to the British Journal of Urology. The entire January BJU is about the harm of circumcision. It updates the 500-year misinterpretation of the prepuce of as "a little piece of skin." Articles deal with the extreme pain perpetrated upon tethered protesting infants, adult men's dissatisfaction with circumcision, its damaging effect on women's enjoyment of sexual intercourse, human rights issues, and rejoinders to opponents of circumcision.

By HCFA Criteria Circumcision is Fraud & Abuse
The Health Care Financing Administration is crystal clear about necessity criteria. According to HCFA, circumcision requires a patient-voiced complaint, physical abnormality, and a pathologist's report documenting the pathology. Failing HCFA necessity criteria, circumcision is fraud and abuse.

Severity of Illness Intensity of Service
The standard of for hygiene is bathing, not amputation. The standard of care for infections is antibiotics, not amputation. Circumcision fails the Severity of Illness Intensity of Service criteria. The foreskin is not a germ factory. Van Howe clearly elucidates the immunologic functions of the foreskin. Additionally, the neonatal foreskin is firmly adherent to the glans like a fingernail to its nail bed. It protects both mechanically and immunologically against infection.

No Debate
For scientific evidence, compare statistics with non-circumcising countries. Intact neonates, with a virgin foreskin never subjected to ripping retraction from the glans during their medical exams, fare better than either circumcised infants or uncircumcised infants subjected to ripping retraction. Parents need to know that the infant is born with the foreskin fused to the glans and must view ripping of the immature foreskin from the immature glans as a painful type of sexual abuse, an invitation to infection, and damage to the undeveloped erogenous sex nerves.

Foreskin Pleasure Not Pain
Ethics mandate that the child keep his foreskin and learn its gliding, lubricating, and erogenous sexual benefits. The child is the owner of his foreskin. The child is the patient. Circumcision a not a matter of family choice. The circumciser needs the signed legal informed consent of the patient himself. Once he has enjoyed his god-given foreskin, he will not consent to man taking it by circumcision.


Eileen Marie Wayne, M.D.

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