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January 1, 1999

Michael Lafavore
Men's Health Magazine
Rodale Press, Inc.
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Emmaus, PA 18098
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Michael Wilks
Chairman, Medical Ethics Committee
British Medical Association
Tavistock Square

RE: British Medical Association Letter to the Editor Jan/Feb Men's Health

Dear Mr. Lafavore and Mr. Wilks,

If the British Medical Association finds medically unnecessary circumcisions unethical, it must also find all non-medical circumcisions unethical. Unethical acts with underlying religious and cultural rationalizations remain unethical. Unnecessary amputations are always damaging physical losses, with circumcisions additionally inflicting sexual losses. Unnecessary amputations are an embarrassing failure of medical therapeutics to maintain optimal health and physical integrity.

The BMA medical ethicists refusing to comment on non-therapeutic circumcisions, in fact, condone them. Where myths exist, deliberate silence is a deception by intentional acts of omission. Silence deceives people about the highly erogenous sexual functions of the foreskin. Families whose members lack a foreskin cannot know its sexual benefits. In ignorance families make choices sexually damaging to themselves or their children.

Physical damage and loss is a medical issue mandating medical prevention. As we enter the new millenium, speak up, educate honestly, and treat sexual parts of the body with respect. Maintain the genital and sexual integrity of our children. Prevent circumcision.

In disappointment,

Eileen Marie Wayne, M.D.
Informed Consent for Medically Necessary Circumcision

The Jan/Feb issue of Men's Health has the following letter to the editor from the Chairman of Medical Ethics Committee for the British Medical Association:

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