Eileen Marie Wayne, M.D.

1302 7th Street
Moline, Il 61265
309 736-0808

May 31, 1999

Dear Dr. Weiss,

In most medical schools, today and in the past, the subject of the immunologic, sexual, erogenous, and gliding action of the foreskin during intercourse has been neglected. Anatomy and physiology classes completely ignore the foreskin. I look forward to recieving the material you forwarded to my office today.

The definition of surgery in the Illinois Medical Practice Act makes secular surgery against the law. Prophylactic surgery is a misnomer. Amputating a normal healthy body part is a shameful failure of medicine to maintain the body's health and integrity.

Surgical treatment requires a patient complaint, diagnosis and an illness. In addition, Medicare requires that the surgery meet necessity criteria and Severity of Illness and Intensity of Service criteria.

Neither the Church nor the State has any business with their eyes and hands in the underwear and on the penises of our children.

Eileen Marie Wayne, M.D.

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