Decircumcision (Circumcision Practices and Foreskin Restoration Methods)

By Gary M. Griffin, MBA

Added Dimensions Publishing, 1991. ISBN: 1-897967-05-7. 108 pages. Numerous drawings and photographs.

$14.95 plus $2 S/H. Second Skin, 1335 Kentucky St., New Orleans, LA 70117.

Detailed description of various circumcision procedures

Female circumcision and circumcision practices in tribal societies

Greek and Roman infibulation practices

Why the English started circumcising its military men in the 18th century

The states and countries with the highest intact vs. circumcision rates

The truth about circumcision rates and venereal disease

Surgical foreskin restoration methods( and the doctors that perform them

Complete step-by-step instructions for non-surgical foreskin restoration

How to develop an overhang of any desired length

Special products that can be worn day and night to assist in foreskin elongation (and where to buy them)

Special support groups for circumcised men and men undergoing foreskin restoration