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"Lightning struck twice for me"

I am 43 years old and was circumcised in a San Antonio, TX, Air Force hospital when I was a baby. I am very angry and bitter about this. It has caused me physical, psychological, and emotional problems all my life. I've lost the natural lubrication of the glans as well as protection for this most sensitive area. I have an ugly brown 3/8-inch-thick scar all around my penis and far too much skin was removed.

On my 40th birthday I told my mother how I felt about this. She was shocked. She apologized and said the doctors coerced her and my father into consenting. My father is 79 and intact.

I first realized something was wrong with my penis when I was about 10 years old. I was skinny-dipping in a pond on a farm in Louisiana with several of the local farm boys about my age when they all began to laugh at my penis because it was cut and no skin covered the glans. I felt ashamed and humiliated and ran home and told my mother. She said the doctors cut me for "hygienic reasons."

When I was about 20, when some friends and I were getting "loose" at a party, the American girlfriend of a friend of mine from Norway was giving his ong foreskin lots of attention and rolling it back and forth over the glans. I realized then that my penis was missing something I could never have.

Several years later I read an article in a popular men's magazine that exposed and blasted the myths about circumcision. I told myself then that if I ever had a son, I'd make sure he wasn't circumcised. My first son was born in 1980 and my second in 1981. I refused to even discuss circumcision with the doctors. I stayed near the nursery all night to make sure they weren't circumcised "by accident."

But lightning struck twice for me! I was divorced in 1986 and my ex-wife took my sons to another state. In 1988 my older son called and told me he had been circumcised under general anesthesia at the children's hospital. "Emergency surgery" for a minor infection of the glans! I almost had a breakdown. I was never even consulted. That's when I became active in anti-circumcision groups such as NOCIRC. My younger son remains happily intact.

In 1991 I joined BUFF and NORM (National Organization of Restoring Men) and began non-surgical foreskin restoration. I am very pleased with the results. I have more sensitivity in the glans and sex is better now.

But I should never have had to go through all this! This is child sexual abuse! No one had the right to cut my foreskin off! Not for religion, social custom, "medical benefits," or any other reason.

I won't rest until there are laws that protect baby boys from this barbaric and senseless mutilation.

[Printed in Growth Spurts (Summer 1994), the San Francisco Examiner (8/3/94), and Nude and Natural (Vol. 14.3).]

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