Letter from Carla Miller to Hillary Rodham Clinton

November 7, 1998

Purpose: Seek Assistance from the White House

Topic: Human Rights

Subject: Bad Medicine as Torture, Mayhem, and Murder

Dear Hillary Rodham Clinton,

My heart goes out to you for your own pain at having your private life brought before the public. I find it very frustrating that U.S. law, government, and media focus on this while completely ignoring that the United States of America allows its doctors to torture, and maim, and kill innocent patients. Our leaders ignore us, letting bad doctors go on to violate others.

I'm not writing to you about "mistakes," "accidents," "mishaps," or "poor results." I'm telling you that the United States is a genitally mutilating country, and I'm writing to ask who is responsible for investigating claims that these and other mutilations are being done, and that there is no way for patients to stop it because they don't know that doctors are doing it -- not until it's already too late.

One sexual mutilation victim who wrote to the White House was referred to the Department of Health and Human Services, where she was referred back to her state medical board where she had already gone, and had gotten no relief whatsoever -- but where her medical records were conveniently "lost." This is a common problem.

She's dead now. She killed herself last December. But there are many others.

Please, where can American citizens report these crimes, and have real investigations, and fair hearings, and finally, some semblance of justice for their pain and suffering?

Can you help? We're coming to Washington, DC, looking for help. We need the name of whoever looks into these very serious matters. We need incomplete investigations reinvestigated by authorities who care about the truth.

I once heard former Governor Mario Cuomo say, "We have to ask the real questions to the real problems so that we can have real solutions." That's what patients need.

Please help.

Carla Miller, Founder
Patients In ARMS
Advocates Reforming Medical Standards
7480 Gravois Rd.
Dittmer, Missouri 63023

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