Circumcision: Rethinking a Medical and Cultural Tradition

By Billy Ray Boyd

Foreword by Paul Fleiss, MD. 174 pages. $14.95.

The Crossing Press, Freedom, CA (1998)


[This book was first published by Taterhill Press as Circumcision: What It Does. The contents listed below are from that edition.]


Medicine & Culture, Pleasure & Pain

In the Beginning
Health and Disease
The Chalice or the Blade? Safer Sex vs. the Knife?
So What's the Big Deal, Anyway?
Media Messages
Female Circumcision
Old Soldiers
A Closer Look
Nitty Gritty
Sexual Assault
Why Not: A Summary

Religion & Spirituality

The Religious Rite
Wholly Writ
Roots & Fruits of Violence
Goy Boy/Writing of Rites
Principles of Inter-Tribal Criticism
Avoidance & Connections
Guilt & Responsibility
Masks & Mirrors
Challenge & Change
Yesh G'vul

Personal Change & Political Action

The Loss
Getting It Back: Foreskin Restoration
Coming Out: The Healing Begins
What's Left?
Breaking Silence: Healing the Patriarchal Wound
Hearts and Minds: Vision of an Intact World
Keening and A Dream Remembered
The Journey Begun



Data Bank (Appendices)

A: Resources for Information & Action
Further Reading
Video & Audio
B: Getting It Back: Foreskin Restoration
C: Female Circumcision: A Victim's Account
D: Male Circumcision: An Eye-witness Account
E: The Victims Speak