Posted by Lisa Bisque ( to the Intact-L circumcision discussion email group 6/26/00. Quoted here with her permission.

"Parents of intact boys

should be raising intactivists"

I think that parents who choose not to circumcise should be thinking about full disclosure to their sons about the hazard they escaped, on an age-related level, of course. Young boys who may question the circumcision of their peers, and why they look different, should be given explanations on a level of understanding according to their age. As they grow and mature, a more involved explanation should be forthcoming. A 13-year-old intact boy should be fully prepared to compassionately meet the challenge of teasing from circumcised males. A 16-year-old intact boy should be ready to take a political stance against the physical assault of the circumcision of his brothers.

I feel it is important to relate the full magnitude of the trauma that is inflicted daily on baby boys all over this land. Being intact carries responsibilities, and a child should be raised not just thanking his lucky stars it did not happen to him, and not giving any other thought to the suffering of others. They should be proud in their own bodies and ready to defend the insulting slurs that come from circumcising parents and doctors about how dirty or ugly or gross intact penises are. They are the physical proof that males are capable of thriving without circumcision. And at the same time they should be able to reach out to help educate others about the total absurdity of hurting babies.

Parents need to feel empowered about teaching these principals to their boys so that the message does not fade from one generation to the next. Complacency among intact children will make their own children susceptible to the attacks of those that would hurt them later on. It is imperative to pass on to them the strength to never compromise on this issue ever, and teach them to be able to relate this to their own children later. Daughters of intactivist also need to know how to be able to stand up for males, to resist the pressure from without and to defend their brothers and their own sons when the time comes.

This is a children's issue and in the same way that an adult has no right to do this to a child, an adult has no right to withhold vital information that can adversely affect the future well-being of generations to come. In a way we can consider this a vaccination against being infected by the circumcision virus. Inform them and we will be able to immunize them and their children from this plague.

I am proud to say that (without setting out to do this intentionally at first) we have molded three very staunch intactivists, who are very verbal and informed about this issue. I hope that many of you will get to meet them next year in Washington DC at the next march in April.

[Lisa Bisque is author of You Call This Love? The Real Reason Women Don't Like Sex.]

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