The Nurses of St. Vincent: Saying "No" to Circumcision

By Barry Ellsworth

A profile of the 25 nurses, conscientious objectors to circumcision, who stood up and refused to assist in neonatal circumcisions at St. Vincent Hospital, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

"In 1992 three nurses at a New Mexico hospital informed doctors that they would no longer help circumcise baby boys. Within days they were joined by more than 20 of their co-workers, all of whom objected to circumcision on ethical grounds. I went to Santa Fe to find out why the nurses opposed circumcision. What had they seen behind the closed doors of the circumcision room? What did they know that parents didn't know? What could they tell me about an event that I bear the scar of, yet cannot remember?"

"A fine film about an important subject." Margaret Lazarus, winner of the 1994 Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Film (Defending Our Lives)

"After viewing this movie along with several others showing the actual circumcision procedure, it is my belief that circumcision needs to be looked at as sexual abuse of male infants." Mary LeLoo, Publisher- Editor, Journey, Sept. 1994

18 min. Includes NOHARMM Rally at the California Medical Association (7/12/93). 12 min. VHS. $29 ppd. Discounts on orders for more than 10 copies. (NY State residents add 8.25% Sales Tax.) Fireball Films, Ltd., PO Box 107, Cooper Station, New York, NY 10003.

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