Awakenings: A Preliminary Poll of Circumcised Men

(Revealing the Long-Term Harm and Healing the Wounds of Infant Circumcision)

Report of the Harm Documentation Survey

Researched, compiled, and edited by Tim Hammond, 1994

"First of its kind to reveal the adverse physical, sexual and psychological effects on men of a surgery they did not choose. / It may be these males who provide the leadership needed to awaken the rest of the nation from its circumcision coma."

Numerous drawings and photographs. 180+ pages. 338 references.
$25 ppd. Each additional copy: $15. From NOHARMM, POB 460795, San Francisco, CA 94146-0795. "Awareness that this was done to you is something that a lot of circumcised guys more or less stumble upon. If he reads enough though, he eventually learns that his circumcision was not only unnecessary, but deprived him of fully functioning genitalia. This widespread ignorance before such an awareness occurs is a kind of mental circumcision. Later, when he gets the message that people are uncomfortable talking about it, and he is treated like it's not important or that he shouldn't question it, a man becomes aware of being cut off from society, and then a deeper circumcision of the soul sets in." CONTENTS:


Genital Mutilation: The Rude Awakening
Three distinct perspectives from:
Cultural anthropologists
Legal and constitutional scholars
Medical professionals

First Awakening: Foreskin Facts and Medical Misinformation
The Prepuce Defined: Its Structure, Development, Function and Value
Sensitivity: The Prepuce vs. the Glans
Value of the Prepuce to the Aging Male
What the Neonatal Surgery Involves
Immediate Risks and Long-Term Physical complications
Cost to Parents and Health Insurers
Cost Analysis of Neonatal Circumcision
Insurance and Health Risks
Health Insurance Models: The Oregon and Ontario Plans
Physicians, Hospitals and Health Insurers Opposed to Neonatal Circumcision
Ethics and Contraindicated Surgery
Ethics and Non-Consenting Minors
Ethics, Misinformation and Emotional Conflict
Ethics vs. Economics
Commonly Held Misinformation Perpetuating Neo-natal Circumcision
Personal Hygiene
Phimosis and Paraphimosis
Penile Cancer
Cervical Cancer
Urinary Tract Infection
Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS
Infant Pain
Aesthetic Appearance
Parental Rights
Position of the American Academy of Pediatrics
Mutilation by Any Other Name

Second Awakening: History and Psychology of Circumcision in America
Brief Cultural History of Circumcision in America
Medical Politics
Learning from the Past: Britain's Experience
Psychology of American Circumcision Attitudes
The Aberrant Circumciser
Parental Attitudes About the Child
Coping Mechanisms Among Circumcised Males
Ambivalence, Trivialization and Humor
Summation of Circumcision Psychology

Third Awakening: Men Recount the Rape of the Phallus
Factors Affecting Quality of Harm
Acknowledging the Potential for Long-Term Emotional and Psychological Harm
Demographics of the Awakenings Survey
Methodology Used
The Journeymen Survey
Statistical Overview of the Awakenings Survey
Sample Comments from Respondents
Survivors, Not Victims
Evolution of Awareness
Discussion of Physical and Sexual Harm:
Effect of Male Circumcision on Female Sexual Experience
Discussion of Emotional and Psychological Harm
Self-Esteem and Intimate Relationships
Violation of Body Ownership
Religious Attitudes and Spiritual Integrity
Circumcision and Misogyny
Statistical Incidence of Uncircumcision (Foreskin Restoration)
Extent of Desire for Retribution: What Should be Done to Circumcisers?
Medical Ambivalence to Harm
Concern for Men's Overall Health

Fourth Awakening: Toward Healing
The Challenge Ahead
Uncircumcision Support Groups
Men Speak Out
Social Activism
Medical Conscientious Objection
Legal Redress
Suggestions for Further Investigations
Summary and Conclusions

New Answers Spawn New Questions
References [388 entries]

Harm Documentation Form
Harm Documentation Statistical Overview
Samples of Completed Harm Documentation Forms
Estimated Incidence of Neonatal Circumcision Complications (Physical Only) Affecting Males Born in the U.S. Between 1940 and 1990
Why Does Infant Circumcision Persist in North America?
A Review of Medical Literature Exposes Continued Misinformation Concerning Circumcision
What Are Men Saying About Infant Circumcision?
Resource Materials
Resource Organizations
Declaration of the First International Symposium on Circumcision